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Bowl with Carved Plinth

Code: BP1074/BP1120


Small or Large



Bowl & Plinth


Reservoir, Pump, Hose, Hose Fittings & Accessories


Suitable Pump:

Pondline 1,000lph (PL1000)

Recommended Reservoir:

900Ømm Pond w/ Lid (GPLID1509) if you want the feature to sit above ground.

150ltr Pond & Grate (GPSET150) if you want the pond to sit in the ground/at ground level.


A great alternative to a birdbath for attracting bird life. Plant it with your favourite flowers or herbs to add colour and texture to your garden, or see the piped version for a water feature.


Available in:

Product Specs


(S) 550Ø x 740Hmm
(L) 550Ø x 990Hmm


Stone Cast Concrete

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