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Replacement UV Lamps

Code: UV


Available Sizes:

5W (2 Pin)

Suitable for:

Fishmate 2,500ltr Filter, Fishmate 5,000ltr Filter

7W (2 Pin)

Suitable for:

Pondline 4,000ltr Filter

9W (2 Pin)

Suitable for:

Boyu EFU8,000 Filter, Pondline 8,000ltr Filter

11W (2 Pin)

Suitable for:

Pondline 12,000ltr UV & Bio Filter

13W (2 Pin)

Suitable for:

ClariTec 10,000ltr Filter, ClariTec 15,000ltr Filter, Fishmate 15,000ltr Filter, Fishmate 30,000ltr Filter

18W (4 Pin)

Suitable for:

Boyu EFU10,000 Filter

24W (4 Pin)

Suitable for:

Boyu EFU15,000 Filter, Jebao 15,000ltr Filter

36W (4 Pin)

(Currently unavailable - available on request)

Suitable for:

Boyu YT45,000 Filter


UV Lamps are effective at removing microorganisms such as algae, protozoa, bacteria and viruses without adding chemicals like chlorine. UV lamps should be replaced every 12 months. They will still glow after 12 months but loose strength over time to be able to kill off algae effectively. When replacing a bulb DO NOT touch with your hands, use a cloth or gloves.


Product Specs

2 Pin System:

5W, 7W, 9W, 11W, 13W

4 Pin System:

18W, 24W, 36W

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